Thursday, January 24, 2008

'Fr' Dennis Ward (2)

To each and all of you who take the time to read this blogspot, may I ask you to take note of the pictured individual alongside.

It is Mr Dennis Ward who has been passing himself off as a member of the Benedictine Order which is insincere and wholly untrue.

Mr Ward has been scamming money from those who genuinely believe him to be a priest and thus far, he has conned in many areas of the USA and no doubt has perpetrated same said way here in Ireland.

Mr Ward does not like to have his picture taken and it is understandable why this may be so, but now that there is a picture of him here for all, please please do take the time to acquaint yourselves with it.

Furthermore, I am asking that if anyone out there who has been conned by this person or indeed may have some helpful information in relation to his whereabouts please do get in touch with me on the basis of it being confidential.

Hereunder is a link to a website that was set up by someone concerned enough to do something:

and even though it has been some time since it has been updated let it be of warning to you and indeed if you also come across this particular site which purports to be Mr Ward's own Order, then do take note of the Post Office Box details underneath and be is not a VALID RELIGIOUS ORDER!!!

Please do be careful of this person and do get in touch with us here and pass on whatever information you may have and we shall take it to the necessary authorities.

No responsibility or liability shall attach itself to either myself or to the blogspot ‘Clerical Whispers’ for any or all of the articles placed here.

The placing of an article hereupon does not necessarily imply that I agree or accept the contents of the article as being necessarily factual in theology, dogma or otherwise.

Sotto Voce


Anonymous said...

So a conman who conned people before and after they were conned by the Catholic Church?

I suppose dressing up as a priest to act as a conman is the equivalent of dressing up as an electioneering politician if you intend to tell lies.

Finn McCool
Gullible is as gullible does..

Anonymous said...

Let me understand that you have this guy's name up on line and in knowing the things he knows about so many Prisets and the files that he has on each of them. and the list of the Priests who are in a child sex ring that he has yes he has knowing that at any time he could go to the papers at any time, do you know the hurt and pain that will take place if he goes to the papers, and because you upset him in this blog and and ones i see here on line.

let me tell you some thing if had this blog about mothers going to England killing their Children.

and also, i have been at a number of meetings in the arcbishop's House and they had nothing to say about this man, and i see that you have not put up the dates when we was made a Priest, why is that?

or are you one of the guys on the list that he has.

I Pray that you will now understand that you are doing something very wrong if that list gets out to the papers.

John, Parish Dublin

Sotto Voce said...

'John, Parish Dublin'

In reply to your comment, whatever information we have has been legally cleared having been verified.

If Mr Ward has anything in relation to priests that is of a criminal nature, he should go to the Gardaí - which he will not do as they certainly would wish to chat with him - as indeed would their colleagues in America.

We have no letter, certificate or other document to indicate that Mr Ward was ordained but if he wants to send us anything to prove his ordination, our email address is there to be used.

Otherwise, the posting remains.

Seán Keohane
Editor In Chief

Anonymous said...

i no dis guy