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Limerick PP & Gay Sauna (9)

 Clerical Whispers: Limerick PP and Gay Sauna (5)
We continue our postings in relation to this issue and shall continue to do so despite the inferences and threats of legal action against us for doing so, and will shortly be posting online documents which will validate in the minds of all who have read - and continue to read - about this matter.

The following is a recent contribution from those affected by this rather tawdry behaviour....

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RE-   Fr Jerry Brouder’s (previously of Crecora, now ever moving!!! )
          Gay Sauna BUSINESS Interests  

          COVERED UP by Fr Tony Mullins  of Limerick Diocese, 
          (of the....say nothing and it will all go away….fame).

As I write this up-date, I am just fresh from checking our website, hit, stats for the last few days, on both (swingers Club) and  (Gay Sauna) I am astonished to see a huge number of hits from the good old US of A! 

In particular California, and notably “Beverly Hills” of all places!   

I can’t help thinking, maybe it’s Oliver Stone reading instalments 1 to 8 of “Parish Priest and Gay Sauna” …. And thinking … Jesus ….What a Movie!!   

And he’d be bloody right too…

You see, I made a complaint to Fr Tony Mullins, of Limerick Diocese, in August of 2010 concerning Fr Gerry Brouder’s dishonest  and misleading interests in our business.

To re-fresh your memory, we complained to Fr Tony Mullins, Limerick Diocese, (Bishop in waiting, until he made a balls of dealing with our complaints)  that we had found out that a founder investor in our business namely Fr Jerry Brouder (Crecora),  had wilfully and intentionally, mislead us into thinking he was a legitimate Business investor, when in fact he was just a gay priest, with a crush on one of our customers.  

A number of customers were present in the Gay Sauna, on the night in question including Fr Brouder who was a very regular visitor to the Sauna. A customer came out of the sauna and stated that he had been speaking with Fr Brouder and that he lived a short distance from him. We were somewhat surprised to hear this.

As it turned out, Fr Brouder  had created an elaborate persona, complete with false documentation, in order to gain our trust and insight into our business (Gay Sauna & Swingers Club), for his own “personal interests”,  and not for “Business interests”   

We told Fr Mullins, that Fr Brouder had formed a relationship with a man at our sauna, and between them, they had attempted unsuccessfully to take over our business, during our summer holiday period.

We also told Fr Mullins (Limerick Diocese) that Fr Gerry then attempted to blackmail us, for the return of his money (€17,000) by demanding in back in cash, within days, which of course was impossible as the money had been fully, and transparently, invested in the business. 

We also told Fr Mullins that, Fr Brouder had indeed made a call to my own employer at the time which resulted in the instant termination of my job, at the Charleville Park Hotel, Cork. 

I also informed Fr Mullins, that Fr Brouder had  threatened my wife’s job as well.

We showed Fr Mullins the blackmail letter along with other documents at a meeting in O Connell St Limerick. 

At this meeting, Fr Mullins confirmed the writing in the letter as Fr Brouder’s and produced a photograph of Fr Brouder, which we in turn confirmed as Fr Brouder. 

The weird thing was that Fr Mullins did not seem in any way shocked or surprised at the events, and simply replied “sure, I guess he is just a man, we can’t control everything he does…” 

Both my wife and I were somewhat taken back by this.

However we were somewhat comforted by the fact that Fr Mullins promised to deal with our complaint and Fr Brouder. We were given assurances that Fr Brouder would not be interfering in our lives anymore. 

Fr Mullins arranged counselling for both my wife and I, in order to help us cope with the aftermath of loosing my job at the hands of Fr Brouder. 

This was to be the last informal contact Fr Mullins would have with us.

We attended weekly counselling as instructed by Fr Mullins.

However in May 2011 we were angered to learn that Fr Brouder, was STILL in Business despite assurances  from Fr Mullins previously that he had indeed dealt with Fr Brouder.

Angered, we wrote to Fr Mullins, (see letter below).

                                                                                                             4 May, 2011

RE:   OUR CLIENT: --------------------------------------------

Dear Sirs,

We refer to the above matter and previous correspondence resting with ours of the 25th of January, 2011.  

We note with disappointment that we have yet to receive any confirmation that any action has been taken against Father Brouder in his position as Priest at Crecora, County Limerick.    
Furthermore, we have also not been furnished with details of your clients investigations into the activities of Father Jerry Brouder.    

We understand that Father Brouder still resides in the Parochial House in Crecora and is currently a member of the Board of Management at Crecora National School.

As you are aware as a result of the actions of Father Brouder our clients are currently taking counselling and are under severe financial and mental stress. 

--------- lost his job at the Charleville Park Hotel and both he and ------- are still living in fear of being further harassed by Fr. Brouder.

We are instructed by our clients that Father Brouder has again recently been posing as a businessman in respect of the taking of a lease for the establishment of a gay sauna at O’Connell Street in Limerick.   

 It is therefore clear that he has not been censured nor has any action taken against him by your clients.  

Our clients require immediate response in respect of the sanctions that your clients propose to take against Father Brouder and also details of your clients investigations in to Father Brouder. 

Your clients have a duty of care to not only our clients but to the parishioners of Crecora to ensure that proper action is taken against Father Brouder.

We would, therefore, be obliged to hear from you by return.

Yours faithfully,


Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 14:01:49 +0100
Subject: Proprietor Factory Sauna Club

In the strongest possible terms, I would advise that you remove, immediately, from, references to Father Jerry Brouder.

If this is not done immediately, legal action will be taken and we will endeavour to have your facility closed. I am presently checking to ensure it is compliant with planning permission.
Your actions are stupid and disgraceful. You run a facility where clients rely on discretion and clearly you are not to be trusted in this regard.

Una Marie Lee.

Subject: RE: Proprietor Factory Sauna Club

Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 21:47:08 +0100

Hi Una,

As a DIRECT response to your threatening e-mail, I have taken the liberty of clarifying Fr Gerry’s connection to our business for you, on both  Swingers Club Ireland

AND  Gay Sauna

as well as forwarding you e-mail to our corporate solicitor.

Kindest regards

* * * * *  

We here in CW wish to advise that this is only the beginning of the documentary evidence in relation to this matter and will publish everything we can so keep yourselves informed and stay tuned!!!