Monday, June 11, 2012

'Fr' Dennis Ward (4)

We find ourselves bringing this issue to your attention yet again in relation to this personage and can now supply further details relative to him...

He is convincing people that he is a Monk who can see the future (but the OSB has vehemently stated that Ward is NOT a member);

He was in fact ordained a priest by Archbishop Michael Cox OMD back in the late 1990's and indeed Archbishop Cox has had more than one visit from An Garda Síochána in relation to Mr Ward's activities in recent times; 

Mr Ward had 3 Facebook pages under the following names: Dennis Ward; Dionysius Pupillo and Dionysius Ward - but since our previous posting these pages on Facebook have all disappeared and been replaced with the profile under the name of 'Den Wardie' and the pictures on this posting are taken from his site

He lives in Dublin currently with an address of P.O. Box 9385 Dublin 17, Ireland and uses the picture of the house attached as proof of residence (which it is not as he resides on a halting site!!) - again he uses the picture of this house as his cover picture on his new FB page;

The phone number he uses is 353868476533, although it being in operational use is questionable;

He also claims to be working at St. Benedict's Oratory Dublin 17 (again using the pic of house attached which in fact is not his residence) and there is no such building or Oratory at that address!!

It is well known that he lives in a halting site in that area and this is further evidenced by checking out the pictures on his Facebook page under his real name of Dennis Ward.

If anyone else wishes to provide further information and otherwise, please do not hesitate to get in touch at the email address on the top right hand corner of this blogspot.


Anonymous said...

My question is "Why has ArchBishop Cox not removed Dennis Ward from the clergy?" Dennis Ward is an opportunist, he looks for people to prey upon, a clever con man, is this what the Irish Clergy is all about, full coffers by any means? I certainly do not believe it for a moment however to others it can seem that way, ArchBishop Cox should move to dismiss Dennis Ward immediately or be prepared to face consequences brought upon him from above, and from Rome.

Anonymous said...

Cox has no control of Ward. Cox will give the 'thuc consecration' to any man or woman who will pay him.

'Thuc consecration' Named after Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc

Anonymous said...

this is so true.... said...

yes he is a con man and will say or do anything to any young man or women...He almost got me.....Daniel said...

He is a very good con man and almost got me......Daniel