Monday, March 13, 2017

VENEZUELA : Archbishop: hundreds of families have no food

Image result for Archbishop Ulisses Antonio Gutierrez ReyesA Venezuelan archbishop has reported that many people are searching in garbage cans for something to eat, as serious shortages of food spread across the nation.

“And we are not talking about homeless people or beggars, but of men, women, and children looking for food,” said Archbishop Ullises Antonio Gutierrez Reyes of Ciudad Bolivar. 

He said that hundreds of families in his archdiocese are now unable to eat on a regular basis.

Medicine is also in short supply, and the archdiocese has begun helping by serving as a clearinghouse for needed medications. 

The archbishop observed tha there are “more and more people in search of drugs.” 

Venezuela’s government has not yet recognized the severity of the crisis, the archbishop said.

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