Thursday, March 02, 2017

Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 2 March

Jesus calls us to be true followers by taking up our cross and following him. 

But what does this mean for us today?

Rosemary is a retired teacher in Norwich, in the east of England. 

When she and her husband first moved to the area over 30 years ago, they had very little money and wondered how they were going to manage. 

“We prayed about it and decided we would put God first,” she said. “We decided to tithe our income and give 10% back to the Lord for his Kingdom work. A big proportion of our funds went to CAFOD.

“That first Christmas I had £20. We had two children. It was hard. But a friend gave me another £20 and then we had £40. The Lord helps you find ways.”  

Rosemary’s act of faith is extraordinary. 

It reminds me of the wonderful things that can happen when we let go of wanting more and more, and instead place our trust in God.

In what ways can I take up my cross and follow the Lord?


Lord, inspire us to live our lives fully and simply, ever faithful in your unfading light. Amen.


Listen to the small, still voice of calm today and do something to help your neighbour. 

On your way home, stop to have a chat with someone who might be lonely. Or bring a warm cup of tea to a person sleeping on the street. 

Or you could take on a Lenten challenge, like giving up chocolate, and put the money you save, daily or weekly, into a Lent collection box.

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