Thursday, February 16, 2017

Marthoma Church to help transgenders project of the Mumbai diocese of the Marthoma Church which works among the transgender community in Mumbai will extend its operations to Kerala state. 

The decision was taken after they found that a large number of transgenders in Mumbai are originally from Kerala.

Father Abin Srampickal Abraham of the Navodaya movement said that they will offer options to integrate the community with the mainstream. 

The church project, according to coordinators, does not encourage sexual reassignment surgery but will provide financial assistance to those who are in need of the same.

"We are not completely encouraging SRS as such, however, in cases it is essential we will provide financial assistance," said Fr Abin.

Navodaya Movement which works to address the concerns and aspirations of transgenders and those from the intersex community will start functioning in the state by the end of February.

"We will be helping them by offering various facilities to train them in vocational skills. Apart from working towards betterment of the community by introducing more facilities for educating and training them, we will also directly involve with them to improve their living standards," said Fr Abin.

While maintaining that the project is not an evangelist program, the father said that they will cater to the spiritual needs of the community as per the demands from its members.

"We are not at all a missionary society, however we will cater to the spiritual requirements as per the request of the community members," said Fr Abin adding that they are currently working only among transgenders and not within communities like lesbian and gay.

Transgender activists meanwhile welcomed the entry of the organization. "I personally know many who are awaiting SRS and who are not able to go through with it because of financial constraints. If they can get any kind of help that is most welcome," said Maya, a transwoman who works as a yoga trainer in Kochi.

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