Saturday, April 28, 2007

Irish Paedophile Priest O'Grady Claims Registered With Gardaí

ONE of Ireland’s most notorious paedophiles, Oliver O’Grady, jailed in the US in the 1990s, has claimed he is voluntarily registered with gardaí as a sex offender.

Disgraced former priest Oliver O’Grady, whose confessions about molesting up to 25 children in the US forms the basis of the Oscar-nominated documentary Deliver Us From Evil, has made contact with a Dublin residents’ group through his legal representation.

The priest is living in the Phibsboro area of Dublin and residents had expressed grave concerns that he poses risks to children in a primary school which is just yards from his residence.

Local residents were so worried that they posted a notice of alert in their latest residents’ association newsletter.

It was thought that O’Grady was not on the sex offenders register as it only came into existence under the Sex Offenders Act 2001, and the disgraced priest returned to Ireland in 2000 after a seven-year prison sentence served in the US.

However, in a letter to Kieran Collins of the Rathdown Road and District Residents Group, O’Grady’s solicitor said: “Mr O’Grady is in fact registered with the gardaí as a sexual offender on a voluntary basis.

“This step was taken on Mr O’Grady’s own initiative and it is quite true that there is no legal requirement on him to register.

“The position is that Mr O’Grady has a specific garda contact with whom he is in touch as required.

“There is therefore no question of the gardaí being unaware of Mr O’Grady’s whereabouts at any time.”

Gardaí have refused to comment on the reporting arrangements O’Grady has to follow while resident here as they do not comment on individual cases.

For those of you interested in the film about O'Grady entitled Deliver Us From Evil, click on the link hereunder and view a trailer to this film...


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Anonymous said...

As the receivers of this legal letter we would like to point out that after very carefully reading of this carefully worded letter the following queries/observations occured to us

1.The legal letter says that he "registered with the Gardai as a sex offender on a voluntary basis" is at odds with his reluctance to confirm, with the Irish Tribune's Reporter, that he is on the sex offenders register. On second reading though it does not say outright that he's on the register rather it tries to lead one to believe that he is- he could have just informed the local Gardai that he's Oliver O'Grady, the sex offender, besides how long does voluntary last? and does this "special arrangement" with Gardai have the same impact as the Sex Offender's Register? (e.g. if he went for a job involving children would it show up on a search of the Register?) ...

2.The legal letter also states that he "has a specific Garda contact with whom he is in touch as required" - what does "as required"
mean ... is it as required by law or as required in a general sense (i.e. as and when he feels the need)