Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pope blasts 'scandalous' war spending

 (foto: ANSA)The path to peace lies not in "scandalous" weapons spending but in non-violence, Pope Francis said Thursday.

"Thanks to the commitment of non-violent leaders, some peoples and even entire nations have peacefully attained goals of liberty and justice," said the leader of the Catholic Church.

"This is the path to follow, now and in the future," said Francis. "This is the path of peace, and not the one being proclaimed in words but de facto being denied by the pursuit of strategies of domination backed up by scandalous weapons spending, while so many people are deprived of the basics of life".

Those with official responsibilities must adopt the practice of non-violence both within their own individual consciences and in the exercise of their public roles, the pope told new ambassadors to the Holy See from Burundi, Fiji, Mauritius, Moldova, Tunisia, and Sweden

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