Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fr McVerry: I applaud Apollo House sit-in but it's not the solution to homelessness

A leading social justice activist has said he will not be lending his support to the occupation of a Dublin office block for homeless accommodation.

Father Peter McVerry said he applauds the campaigners who have taken over Apollo House on Tara Street, but that he will not be joining them.

Representatives from the Irish Housing Network and trade unions say they plan to house 30 homeless people at the NAMA-owned site.

Fr McVerry said while he wishes them well, the only long-term solution to homelessness is for the Government to provide social housing.

He said: "What they're doing is raising awareness that we have empty buildings all over the place, some of them owned by the State, while there are people sleeping on the streets.

"Though I think they are highlighting the absurdity of the situation, however it is not the solution to homelessness, they are not going to be allowed to stay there for very long.

"So I am very happy to applaud them and I am very happy to say that they are doing a service to homeless people and I wish them well."

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