Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Doubt over publication date of Cloyne investigation report

UNCERTAINTY surrounds the date of publication of the Dublin Archdiocese investigation into clerical abuse in the Diocese of Cloyne.

A Department of Justice spokesman last night refused to be drawn on the matter, saying the Murphy Commission report would be published "in accordance with the Commissions of Investigation Act 2004."

The report was handed to the department at the end of last year and it had been hoped that it would be published before Easter. However, this is no longer certain.

Labour deputy, Seán Sherlock last night said the "status of the report is in a vacuum and we need clarity on its publication as it would appear to be in abeyance until a new Minister for Justice is appointed."

According to the act, if a Minister for Justice "considers that the publication of the final report of the commission might prejudice any criminal proceedings that are pending or in progress, he shall apply to the court for directions concerning the publication."

If such an application is made, the court can then accept submissions and hear evidence from anyone mentioned in the queried section.

After the hearing, if the court believes the publication of the report would prejudice criminal proceedings, it can direct that the report, or a particular chapter, not be published for a specified period or until it so directs.

The Murphy Commission investigated the handling by the Cloyne Diocese of allegations of abuse made against 19 priests over a 13-year period between 1996 and 2009.

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GEOFFREY said...

Typical of a church and a justice system in crisis, I know,I am a victim of a priest jailed for 21 years in October 2010.

I hope this new government has the balls to stand up for the abused victims,because in the past the all previous governments have been pathetic,cow towing to the church,it is time for change