Saturday, December 15, 2012

RC Bishop of Motherwell’s intemperate rant at the Prime Minister

The National Secular Society has criticised the intemperate rant at the Prime Minister, widely reported in the media, by the RC Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine.

Alistair McBay, NSS spokesman in Scotland said: "Joseph Devine's latest outburst follows a series of vituperative and inhumane pronouncements by the Scottish Catholic hierarchy on same sex marriage, for example by likening it to bestiality and incest. Each pronouncement has further alienated the Church from its own congregations and has horrified the wider population. Joseph Devine remains blissfully unaware that his lecture to the PM is so spectacularly arrogant and at variance with public opinion that it makes him a laughing stock ­– albeit not for the first time."

"The Church has gambled its entire moral authority on gay marriage, and spectacularly lost. Despite the Catholic Church raising the stakes on this issue to the maximum, politicians on both sides of the Border are totally ignoring it."

"Bishop Devine's assertion that he 'will take no finger-prodding lectures from anyone or any group devoid of moral competence' needs to be seen in the context of polls showing that the line taken by Catholic bishops on moral issues is widely ignored, not just by the public but by the vast majority of Catholics in the pews in this country."

"We call on those political leaders who were so quick to condemn Stonewall for awarding its 'Bigot of the Year' award to Cardinal O'Brien to be as swift, as public and as damning to criticise Bishop Devine for his much less temperate outburst directed at the Prime Minister."

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