Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vocations bloom in Seoul

Vocations bloom in SeoulWith the ordination of two bishops, 38 priests and 26 deacons in Seoul this past week, vocations are blooming in Korea.

Auxiliary Bishops Timothy Yu Gyoung-chon and Peter Chung Soon-taek of Seoul were ordained by Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung of Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on February 5.

The ordination of the 26 deacons took place on February 6. 

The new deacons of the archdiocese will devote themselves to the service of the faithful, parishes, serving in the liturgy and charity.

The ordinations of 38 diocesan priests were held last Friday. 

Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa Mendieta of Panama and Bishop Nguyen Van De of Thai Binh were present at the event. 

One of the new priests, Vu Tan Tuan, a member of the International Community of the Catholic mission in Seoul, is from the Diocese of Thai Binh in Vietnam and had his formation in Panama.

Bishop Nguyen had written to Cardinal Yeom Soo- jung, "We are very grateful for your efforts in giving Vu Tan Tuan a healthy and good priestly formation."

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