Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Former sedevacantist nuns form new religious community in California

http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Content/Site140/Articles/01_01_2014/2877gravesmssr2_00000002078.jpgA new women’s religious community, the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa, has taken root in northern California with the approval of Bishop Robert Vasa. 

The community, led by a formerly sedevacantist nun, emphasizes fidelity to the papacy, Eucharistic adoration, Marian devotion, and liturgical worship in both the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Roman liturgy. 

The sisters’ apostolate includes Catholic education and catechesis. 

“I realized that to have the fullness of the Catholic faith, I need to be in union with Rome,” Mother Teresa Christe said in an interview with Catholic World Report. “We have to trust Our Lord; where Peter is, there is the Church.” 

“Our goal is to teach people the Catholic faith, emphasizing its beauty and goodness,” she added. 

“We also assist in reverent liturgies. We help with music, especially the Gregorian chant, and with the sacristy and in maintaining the altar. We’ve been well received. Many are happy to see sisters in full habit at work again in the diocese. Some thought it would be something they’d never see again.”

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