Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tutu Says Christians Should Support Assisted Suicide

One of the most well-known Christian leaders in the world has restated his support for assisted suicide.

Desmond Tutu, the South African anti-apartheid campaigner and Anglican Bishop has written an op-ed in the Washington Post which outlines his stance.

He says he had previously supported assisted suicide for others, but now comes closer to saying that he may choose an assisted death for himself.

"Today, I myself am even closer to the departures hall than arrivals, so to speak," Tutu says, "and my thoughts turn to how I would like to be treated when the time comes. Now more than ever, I feel compelled to lend my voice to this cause."

Tutu has been well known during his retirement for supporting progressive political causes worldwide. He has spoken up about his support for gay rights, among other issues. Yet his support for assisted suicide places him against traditional Christian teaching on the issue – as well as many Church leaders.

Tutu says other Christians should join him in the campaign. "I welcome anyone," he writes, "who has the courage to say, as a Christian, that we should give dying people the right to leave this world with dignity... In refusing dying people the right to die with dignity, we fail to demonstrate the compassion that lies at the heart of Christian values."

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