Sunday, October 09, 2016

Pope: sorrow, prayer and solidarity for Haiti’s hurricane victims

Pope Francis on Sunday expressed sorrow, prayer, and solidarity during his Angelus address for the "many victims and displaced persons" stricken by Hurricane Matthew.
Before ending the Mass for the Marian Jubilee, celebrated in St Peter's Square, the pontiff said, "I learned with sorrow of the serious consequences caused by the hurricane which recently hit the Caribbean, especially Haiti, leaving many victims and displaced persons, as well as substantial property damage. I assure my closeness to the people and express confidence in the sense of solidarity of the international community, of Catholic institutions and people of good will. I invite you to join me in prayer for these brothers and sisters, so sorely tried. "

Hurricane Matthew, which hit the island a few days ago, killed at least 900 dead. According to some missionaries, southern Haiti is completely destroyed.

The pontiff also said that "yesterday in Oviedo (Spain) Fr Gennaro Fueyo Castañón and three lay companions were proclaimed Blessed. Let us praise the Lord for these heroic witnesses of the faith, who joined the ranks of the martyrs and gave their lives in the name of Christ."

Fr Gennaro Fueyo Castañón, 72; Segundo González Alonso, 48; Isidro Fernández Cordero, 33; Antonio González Alonso, 24, were killed during the civil war in Spain, in Asturias, in 1936.

Before reciting the Angelus, Francis also thanked all the pilgrims who came for the Marian Jubilee.

"I address my most cordial greeting to all of you, dear pilgrims, who have participated in the Marian Jubilee. Thanks you for your presence! With you I would like to repeat the words that St John Paul II used on 8 October 2000 in the Act of Entrustment to Mary, ‘Mother ... we wish to entrust to you the future that awaits us. [. . .] Humanity [. . .] can turn this world into a garden, or reduce it to a pile of rubble.’ At this junction, may the Virgin help us choose life, accepting and practicing the Gospel of Christ the Saviour."

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