Friday, October 29, 2010

Vatican opposes Aziz execution

For the second time in two days, the Vatican has expressed opposition to the death sentence handed down to Tariq Aziz, Iraq’s former deputy prime minister.

“The position of the Catholic Church on death penalty is known,” spokesman Federico Lombardi said in a statement.

The statement went on to say the Vatican hopes that “the sentencing against Tariq Aziz not be carried out, precisely to favor the reconciliation and reconstruction of the peace and justice in Iraq after the great suffering it has gone through.”

Aziz was sentenced to death Tuesday by the Iraqi High Tribunal for his role in eliminating religious parties during Saddam Hussein’s regime.

His family was shocked by the verdict, his daughter told CNN.

They had no idea he was going to be sentenced Tuesday, Zainab Aziz said from Amman, Jordan.

“Until last week, they were hearing new witnesses in this case,” she said, criticizing both the verdict itself and its timing.

“My father served his country for more than 22 years. He delivered himself to the U.S. Army [after the fall of Hussein] because he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t do anything wrong. He served his country,” she said.


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bill bannon said...

we are watching a papal and magisterial regression on this topic.  A regression is the opposite of a development.  When Pope Sixtus V brought the castrati into the papal choirs in 1585 so that women could be silent in church as Paul seemed to say, that was a regression that lasted til 1878 when Pope Leo XIII issued a bull against the practice.  But 28 Popes during that 300 years cooperated with the view of Sixtus.  When Pope Innocent IV made burning heretics mandatory on secular rulers in 1253 and entered it in the decretals or old canon law, it sat there til 1917 as a papal regression.  Those were harsh regressions...this one being started on the death penalty is a soft regression...but Father Lombardi and the magisterium in general need to read Plato's republic, Book III...where it notes that too much music makes males..."soft".  Our present leaders are soft on law breakers in general (read Cardinal Law) because they have no ancillary ideas about criminals being punished eg with 8 hours of work with money produced going to victim families. That's how you can tell this whole thing is a catering to Euro intellectuals who cry barbaric on this issue.  If the last two Popes were really concerned, they would address more than this one part of the prison process. They did not because to study it is to realize that
the Avignon papacy had a perpetual prison sentence so that it too had bloodless means and walls 17 feet thick.
Now a lifer murders Fr. Geoghan and another lifer murders Jeffrey Dahmer and a Pope and a catechism state that modern penology sufficiently protects.
I would love for the Vatican to write constant letters to the Cambodian government for it to rescue the 30,000 children there, many 8 and 9 years old, who are held in Cambodia's sex trade. Instead the last two papacies call the death penalty "cruel" which must be news to God who repeatedly gave them in the OT and in Romans 13:4 ( wink...the reason ccc 2267 could not call it cruel).