Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's ban 'Bishopese' (Contribution)

What is “Bishopese”? 

It’s the repetitive waffle employed by bishops to say absolutely nothing except that they’re glad to be somewhere, an observation that they can string out to last for most of a speech. 

Paul Priest defined Bishopese in the thread underneath an earlier post, identifying Archbishop Vincent Nichols as a particularly fluent speaker.

True, alas. 

Actually, Catholic bishops in general are more prone to it than Anglican ones. 

I wonder if it’s something to do with Irishness: it reminds me a lot of the circumlocutions of the Irish brothers who taught me. 

Anyway, for the benefit of non-Catholics, this is what it sounds like:
It’s wonderful thing to be gathered here as a community to celebrate this occasion, together – for it is indeed an occasion to celebrate. And so we take this opportunity to gather, enjoying this wonderful occasion, in a spirit of celebration, and, as we do so, remembering that we celebrate together, not just as individuals but in community, in communion with each other, you might say…
And so on and on. 

Until it’s time to sing something by Paul Inwood.


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