Friday, July 13, 2007

Paisley attacks Pope for 'un-churching' other Christian groups

The DUP leader, Ian Paisley, has launched a strong attack on Pope Benedict XVI as he prepares to speak to a rally of the Independent Orange Order in Ballymoney, Co Antrim.

Mr Paisley is accusing the Pope of excommunicating every non-Catholic Christian and said Rome has not changed from its devilish ways.

Mr Paisley, the founder and head of the fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church, said Pope Benedict had celebrated the July 12 by un-churching every denomination in Christendom excepting his own.

He had, said Mr Paisley, declared the Church of Rome alone was sole true church and all others were 'not Churches in the proper sense of the word' but merely religious associations.

He said Rome had not changed and will never change and all Protestant churches must uphold that Christ is the head of the church, not the Pope.

The gospel message must go forth with trumpet blast, he said and all other messages were lying falsehoods and devilish deceptions.


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Anonymous said...

In his Sermon On The Mount at Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus foretold that ''many'' who address him as ''Lord'' would say to him that did we not do many powerful works in thy name, expell devils in thy name and so forth; Jesus said he would reply'' get away from me you workers of perdition. I do not know you'' To all of Christendom; catholic, orthodox, and protestant; the forementioned words are offered to you for your careful consideration.

Anonymous said...

Dr Paisley's language is rather highly coloured, but it does seem to me that much of the essence of his criticism is justified.

(I write as a Catholic, a religious of 43 years' standing)

Anonymous said...

The Orthodox Church has been teaching this (that Christ is the head of the Church) from the times of apostles.

Anonymous said...

Further evidence that all organised religionism is usless baggage from the distant past.

Grown men fighting over ownership of an imaginary apprentice carpenter with a penchant for voluntary suffering.

They might as well be arguing over who rightfully succedes Peter Pan.

Peter Pan (the reincarnation)