Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fr Niall Molloy: Priest’s family fury over ‘drug lord deal’

PRESSURE is mounting on Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan to answer claims of corruption by the force in the case of murdered priest Fr Niall Molloy.

Last night, the family of the Roscommon priest who was beaten to death in a Clara, Co Offaly, mansion in 1985, said the garda chief could no longer ignore claims of a secret deal with criminal John Traynor.

And the first officer on the murder scene, retired sergeant Kevin Forde, said garda authorities must respond to the allegations. It is claimed gardai dropped charges against drug lord Traynor in return for the stolen file on Fr Molloy's death.

The file was taken from the DPP's office after a break-in by Traynor's associate Martin 'The General' Cahill because it allegedly contained sensitive information that certain people in power did not want in the public domain.

"For three months now, we have been asking the top garda in the land to answer claims that one of the country's most notorious criminals was allowed to walk free so that the guards could get our uncle's file back," says solicitor Henry McCourt, a nephew of Fr Molloy who has been campaigning for justice for his uncle for 27 years.

Fr Niall Molloy (52) was killed after a wedding in the mansion of his close friends Therese and Richard Flynn. 

The event was attended by several senior Fianna Fail members.

Richard Flynn was charged with Fr Molloy's death, but the judge directed the jury to acquit him.


Bill Maher said...

Please sign Petition for Justice for my uncle Fr. Niall Molloy

Bill Maher said...

Bill said...


The effect of fr. Niall’s death 27 years ago was not only to rob his family of a kind and gentle Pastor and friend but to place them under a dark cloud, which still hangs over us all to this day. Some family members particularly Ian Maher, fought with all their strength for justice to be done, lost their jobs and sometimes their health and their family in the process, and perhaps died before their time. There were sometimes temporary breaks in the cloud, when it looked like the truth might somehow be revealed, but which were only to be thwarted by further setbacks.
The greatest of the many injustices done to Fr. Molloy and his family, apart from the taking of his life, was the damage done to his good name by the calculated and vicious leaking of false innuendo to sully his reputation.
The family may have lost faith in the country’s institutions but they have never lost faith in the intrinsic goodness of the Irish people and their belief that one day someone would look to their concience, and once and for all reveal the truth.
To facilitate this, the members of Father Niall’s family call for a full public inquiry into ALL aspects of this matter, including the roles played by the institutions of the state in preventing the truth from being revealed. Only when this has been done will the family find closure and the cloud will be lifted.
Bill Maher -Nephew