Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Archbishop of Colombo expresses solidarity and support for Benedict XVI over paedophilia scandal

The Archbishop of Colombo, Mgr Malcolm Ranjith, wrote a letter to Pope Benedict XVI, to express the communion and support of the entire diocesan community.

He called on all the faithful to pray for the Pope who is under attack from international media over paedophile priests.

“Reading the international media, I have been saddened by the organised and malicious attacks that are being carried out especially against the Church and your most noble person. I wish to inform Your Holiness that along with my priests, religious and the laity, we are firmly with you and we pray for you, especially these days, that the Lord may give you the strength and the courage needed to face up to these challenges.”

“We also wish to reiterate our profound sense of loyalty to you and personally I wish to inform Your Holiness that I am praying in a very special way for your intentions,” the bishop said.

When yesterday he spoke during the Regina Caeli before 20,000 people in Saint Peter’s Square, Benedict XVI thanked, “all those who with prayer and affection support my ministry as Successor of Peter", and greeted the Association ‘Meter’, which has promoted a National Day for the Children Victims of Violence, Exploitation and Indifference in Italy for the past 14 years.

“On this occasion,” he said, “I want to especially thank and encourage those dedicated to prevention and education, especially parents, teachers and many priests, nuns, catechists and facilitators who work with children in parishes, schools and associations”.


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