Wednesday, December 18, 2013

US : "The Washington Post" comes to the Pope’s defence Pope is making headlines and stirring debate in the US. The dispute that broke out following the criticisms made by Tea Party conservatives against the Pope recently, confirm this.  

The Washington Post has defended the Pope’s words against the “deification of the market”, after some American conservatives “accused the Pope of “pure Marxism” and being “the Catholic Church’s Obama”.”

“In the process, they are demonstrating how ideology can become a consuming substitute for faith,” opinion writer Michael Gerson wrote in a comment published by the newspaper. 

Not only is the Pope not a “neo-Marxist”, but “those surprised that Catholic social thought is incompatible with libertarianism haven’t been paying attention — for decades.” John Paul II and Benedict XVI said the same,” the newspaper points out.

“The pope contends that individualism can dull us to the requirements of justice, and that prosperity can be a prison,” Gerson writes. “In making this case, Francis is demonstrating that Christian faith is not an ideology; it stands in judgment of all ideologies, including the ones we justify in the name of freedom.” 

This becomes all the more evident in the run up to Christmas, when the contrast between the season of Advent and “the holiday shopping season” which is dominated by “ loud, repetitive commercials.

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