Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catholic forum launches justice campaign after Christian boy’s death

Over 400 people across the world have signed an online petition seeking justice in the case of Anmol Gemethi, a seven-year-old boy who was allegedly killed by Hindu fundamentalists.
“We have asked for three things: a second post mortem of the boy, re-investigation of the killing, arrest of the suspected killers,” Joseph Dias, founder of the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) that initiated the campaign, told ucanews.com.

He said they will take the petition to the president of India, the prime minister and other political leaders once it crosses the 500 mark.

CSF launched the online ‘Justice for the Martyr Anmol’ campaign on Friday.

His body was found floating in a river near his home in Rajasthan, northern India, on November 19, two days after he went missing.

Gemethi's face was mutilated beyond recognition. There were burn marks on his stomach, his toes were chopped off and one hand and leg were deeply slashed.

The boy’s father has accused Hindu fanatics of conspiring in the killing. He also claimed that the police and doctors who conducted the post mortem were shielding the accused.

Dias said he has been in constant touch with the state police who have promised to re-open the case.

“Only after re-investigation will the police decide that a second post-mortem needs to be done or not,” he added.

The earlier post mortem conducted concluded that Anmol drowned and the injuries on his body were caused by scavenging animals as his body had been lying in the river for two days.

Signatories of the petition have expressed their concern about the state of religious freedom in the country.

“No matter what the religion of a person, it is cruel to destroy life. Killing on the basis of religion is denying God and the gift of life given by God,” said one of them.

Another wrote: “Innocent life has been taken away and it is happening everywhere. This should be stopped.”

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