Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Indian nun gang raped, police did nothing

India's Orissa state government has been accused of failing to take action against the perpetrators of the gang rape of a 28 year old Catholic nun.

The Hindu reports the Orissa government has failed to take any action against those who committed the gang rape of the nun and the brutal attack on a Catholic priest who courageously resisted their attempts to force him to participate in the atrocity.

The incidents took place on August 25 at K. Nuagaon, 12 kilometres from the Baliguda subdivision in Kandhamal district in Orissa state.

Both victims filed First Information Reports at the Baliguda police station.

Sister Nirmala, Superior-General of the Missionaries of Charity, wrote to the Orissa Chief Minister and the Prime Minister specifying the atrocities.

The brutalisation of the nun and the priest by a mob raising anti-Christian, Hindutva slogans took place around 1pm at the site of the Divya Jyothi Pastor Centre.

The church was burnt the previous day in reprisal against the murder of an RSS activist, Lakshmanananda Saraswathi, and four of his associates on August 23. The gang rape of the young nun, whose "virginity [was] grossly violated in public" (and whose identity is being withheld by this newspaper to protect her privacy) took place in front of a police outpost with 12 policemen from the Orissa State Armed Police present and watching, according to Fr Thomas Chellan, the priest who was dragged out and badly beaten.

"Around 1pm a gang came and pulled me and the Sister out of the house where we had taken shelter and started assaulting us."

"My appeals to the policemen who were standing nearby and watching only resulted in further beating. At one point the nun slipped away to plead with the police for help but she was dragged back by the mob and her blouse torn," he said.

The nun was gang raped in a nearby building, and he was doused with kerosene by the mob, which threatened to set him on fire. They were saved by a group of youth who took them to the police outpost where "one among the attackers was present with the police between 3pm and 9pm," Father Chellan said.

News of the K-Nuagaon atrocity was conveyed through mobile phones to several priests and nuns hiding in the forests, fearing for their lives as the anti-Christian hunt was on. The victims were taken to the Baliguda police station around 9pm where they filed First Information Reports. "I believe the Sister wrote in her complaint that she was raped," Fr Chellan said.


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Anonymous said...

Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.

Michael Petek said...

Actually, I think they do know what they're doing,

They worship a lilac-faced abomination called Ram; a ridiculous elephant-god called Ganesh; and an obscene and bloodthirsty piece of filth called Kali.

It's a bit of a stretch to imagine you can be invincibly ignorant about that kind of idolatry, nor be truly led by an honest conscience to worship these fantastic figments of a demon-possessed imagination.

Anonymous said...

May be God can present in many ways, to many people, in the color of his choice and image of his chosing so to prepare their hearts for faith.

God can come in many guises.

Michael Petek said...

Yes, anonymous, God can be present in many ways, but since He has no form except that which He took in the Incarnation, he can't be present in the idolatrous image of a talking elephant, a blood-eating goddess with a lolling tongue and a necklace of human skulls, or a six-armed monstrosity.

Cleo said...

I am a Christian from India.
I would like to make a clarification about Hinduism for the sake of those who are not knowledgeable about this religion.
Hinduism is a peace-loving religion that has existed harmoniously along with Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and many other religions in India.
Those who are responsible for the present attacks on the Christians in India, are hijacking the name of Hinduism for their own political and socio-economic interests.
Actually the whole problem has nothing to do with Hinduism or Christianity.
The groups (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Bharatiya Janata Party, etc.) behind this violence have a fascist agenda, which has much to do with usurping political power, keeping the tribals and aborigines illiterate and unaware of their basic human rights.
Even the very persons executing the violence are being exploited using a whole load of nonsensical hate propaganda.
The real culprits are the so-called "high caste" political leaders who manipulate the mobs to their own bloodthirsty purposes.
Hence, though I am a Christian, I would advise non-Indians to be respectful of Hinduism and its rich cultural tradition.
I would suggest to all persons of good will to lobby for international pressure to stop funding these fascist groups through their counterparts (India Development Relief Fund [IDRF], and Sewa International USA, Ekal Vidyalaya) in Europe and the USA. Also lobby for pressure on the Indian government to take due action to stop the atrocities and violations of human rights that are still going on as I write this comment.