Friday, December 22, 2006

The Puppets & The Muppet (1)

It has been a funny week here with the clerical lambasting that Podge and Rodge (pictured) received from none other than the Archbishop of Armagh himself Seán Brady (pic alongside) as he believes they are corrupting the morals of our youth in Ireland today....anyone starting to notice the irony of the clerics especially those in high office in this country especially this year???

Where were they over the past few years when the Child Abuse allegations were being made?
The Archbishop needs to reflect on not how to compete with Podge and Rodge in getting the attention of the young people but actually involving them in the Church as opposed to continuously sidelining them at all wonder the youth watch the dirty duo because there is no moral leadership from the Church leaders except criticism....easier get flies with honey than vinegar Archbishop!!!

Here is the full context of the whole matter as selflessly gleaned from another site.....

Ireland is becoming "a society of Podge and Rodge" rather than one of decency and respect, according to the Primate of All Ireland, Archbishop of Armagh Sean Brady.

In an interview with Irish Times religious affairs correspondent Patsy McGarry, Archbishop Brady said that people, especially parents, were becoming worried "about where we are going, morally and spiritually".

And he cited "a growing coarseness and aggression" especially evident in road traffic deaths, excessive drinking, early sexualisation of children and stress. Such phenomena were "dehumanising", Archbishop Brady said.

Dehumanisation was linked to secularisation. Growing violence and declining respect for human life and the integrity of the human person were evidence of this, he said. These trends were the opposite of Christian values which "called on Christians to look after one another" Archbishop Brady continued.

This was not confined to Ireland, he noted. Recalling a recent synod of European bishops, he pointed out that many there felt that "more and more people were fearful of the future, isolated, and made no life commitments".

This reality was one of the major reasons behind the falling numbers of young people becoming priests or religious.


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