Friday, December 09, 2016

Get the transition right first: Chaplain queries job program

Australian-defence-forceA chaplain to the Brisbane ex-services community has questioned the effectiveness of a new government program pitched at encouraging businesses to employ former defence force personnel. 

Last month, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the Veterans’ Employment Initiative, which would automatically give military veterans a job interview, if they have the right skills, training, and experience.

So far, 15 of Australia’s biggest employers have signed up for the program, under which businesses would be encouraged to partner with ex-service organisations to develop strategies for boosting veteran employment.

But Brisbane Deacon Gary Stone has questioned whether the new program would really hit the mark. “If anything is needed it is better transitional arrangements to train and prepare to re-engage in civilian life,” Deacon Stone said.

About 5500 men and women leave the military ranks each year but of that number 1000 personnel are medically discharged and are considered “vulnerable.”

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