Monday, March 06, 2017

Resignations and rumors follow reported attempt on life of Georgian Orthodox Patriarch

Image result for Patriarch Ilia IIThe secretary to Georgian Orthodox Patriarch Ilia II has resigned, and his security chief has reportedly been ousted, after a priest was arrested for allegedly plotting to poison the prelate.

Deacon Mikheil Botkoveli, the patriarch’s secretary, confirmed that he had resigned “because I am tired of everything that has been happening in the patriarchate recently.” 

The security chief, however, dismissed rumors of his removal, saying that he remained at his post.

On February 10 another Georgian Orthodox cleric, Father Georgy Mamaladze, was arrested in Tbilisi airport, reportedly having purchased cyanide with which he planned to kill the patriarch. 

The Georgian Orthodox Church has been caught up in a bitter dispute over the handling of financial assets, and Church officials say that the lives of both Patriarch Ilia and Father Mamaladze remain in danger.

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