Sunday, March 05, 2017

Michigan priest sues SNAP for defamation

Rev. Kenneth KaucheckThe Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) has been hit with a new lawsuit, by a Michigan priest who charges that the group defamed and libeled him.

The lawsuit filed by Father Kenneth Kaucheck adds to the woes of SNAP, which was rocked earlier this year by a suit filed by a former employee, who charges that the group “callously disregards the real interests” of sex-abuse victims, while soliciting donations from lawyers who handle the victims’ complaints. 

Soon after that suit was filed, SNAP announced the resignation of its national director, David Clohessey, and then its president, Barbara Blaine. 

The new lawsuit by Father Kaucheck claims that SNAP falsely accused him of molesting a teenage girl. 

The suit argues that Father Kaucheck never had any contact with girls at a facility described in the SNAP accusation, and that - contrary to SNAP’s claim - the Detroit archdiocese was fully aware of the priest’s involvement in raising funds for the facility. 

Since the charge against him was made by SNAP in 2009, Father Kaucheck has been on administration leave. 

The Media Report says that the priest - who emphatically insists on his innocence - has never had an opportunity to answer the charge in any civil or canonical hearing.

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