Tuesday, March 07, 2017

IRL : Watch As Lame-Duck Church Ass Licking 'Taoiseach' Enda Kenny slam Tuam 'chamber of horrors' as he refuses to commit to widening inquiry


Gardaí say they are in contact with the Galway coroner in relation to the discovery of a significant number of human remains on the site of the former mother-and-baby home in Tuam. 

It follows a call from Sinn Féin for a statement from Gardaí on what they had done to secure the discovery. 

Meanwhile a freephone counselling service says it has been inundated with calls following the Tuam revelations. 

Theresa Merrigan from Connect says people are extremely distressed.

She said: "People who may have had experience of being in institutional care in the past, who because of the attention and the very traumatic stories being discussed, have been re-triggered.

"Memories have returned around their own experiences and understandably they are experienceing distress and concern and really feeling the need to talk to someone."

Anyone affected by this story can call Connect on 1800 477 477.

Earlier: Church Ass Licking 'Taoiseach' Enda Kenny has described the horror of the Tuam buried babies discovery but refused to commit to widening the inquiry so that up to 180 institutions are investigated.

Amid claims in the Dáil that the commission of investigation terms are inadequate, Mr Kenny said he would not interfere with the independent probe as well as the separate role of gardaí and coroners.

He was speaking after the shock confirmation last week that “significant” infants remains have been found at the former Church-run site in Galway.

He described the mass grave containing human remains of babies in Tuam as a "chamber of horrors".

He says there now needs to be "a period of reflection" to decide how to proceed in relation to widening the terms of reference of the commission to examine all former homes.

Mr Kenny says as a society we have to deal with this now, or another Taoiseach will be addressing it again in 20 years.

Mr Kenny described the find as a “social and cultural sepulchre”. 

He conceded that the State had been responsible for placing children in the mother-and-baby institutions.

"No nuns broke into our homes to kidnap our children - we gave them up to what we convinced ourselves was that nuns care. We gave them up maybe to spare the the savagery of gossip, the wink and the elbow language of delight - in which the 'holier than thou's' were particularly fluent. And we gave them up because of our perverse, in fact morbid, relationship with what you call respectability".

But he refused to address calls to extend the remit of the inquiry.

Mr Kenny also commended historian Catherine Corless, whose research helped reveal the shocking discovery in Tuam.

He said he hoped that “once and for all” that the “sad legacies of the past” could be dealt with.

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