Wednesday, March 01, 2017

INDIA : For Kolkata nun, serving the poor means welcoming everyone, regardless of their faith Mary Mukta Kindo belongs to the order of the Discalced Carmelites of the Apostolic Carmel. She works at the Mother Veronica Social Centre for Women in Barrackpure, near Kolkata (West Bengal) where “serving the poor means welcoming everyone, regardless of their religious convictions."
Speaking to AsiaNews, she explained the reason for her apostolate, dedicated in particular to women in need. For her, "Working with and for the poor allows me to spread the love of Jesus."

Since 2001, Sister Mary works with the centre to make items of clothing like uniforms and tunics as well as church linen. "In our centre, everyone is welcome. We make no differences in religion. We work only for the good of the poor."

The Carmelite nun runs sewing, knitting and embroidery classes that enable poor women to gain more confidence in themselves and be economically independent.

Since it was opened, the centre has trained more than 200 women. Currently, 40 students from various religious backgrounds are registered.

"Our goal,” Sister Mary noted, “is to train these women to be social agents of change in their families and society through the values ​​of the Gospel and a stronger character. They learn to understand the value of their role in the family and earn a living by making the most of their talents and abilities."

The centre "has created a melting pot of religions, in which solidarity grows and peace and harmony is promoted in society, thanks to women taking leadership roles. All this happens because they learn to take care of themselves."

"For me, it is a source of great satisfaction to see that these women, who were poor before, can lead a dignified life and help their families. I will continue to be at the service of the poor and spread God's compassion and Jesus’ love for the most disadvantaged."

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