Thursday, March 16, 2017

HOLY SEE : No turning back on corruption - pope

 (foto: ANSA)Pope Francis warned Thursday that, while sinners can repent, it is almost impossible for those who become corrupt to find redemption.

"When people live in a closed environment, surrounded by wealth and vanity and trusting in their own devices, those people lose their sense of direction and have no idea of their limitations," the pope said in a homily during Mass at the Santa Marta residence where he lives inside the Vatican.

"Exactly as happens to the rich man in the Gospel who spends his time at dinner parties and takes no notice of the poor man lying at his door.

"He knew who that poor man was, he even knew his name, but he just didn't care. "Was he a sinner? Yes, he was, and though the Lord forgives those who repent, this man's heart was leading him on a one-way road to death. "There is a moment, a line that we cross when sin turns into corruption. 

"This man was not simply a sinner but a corrupt person because he was aware of all the suffering but he couldn't care less.

"Once we are on that road, it's very hard for our hearts to be healed".

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