Monday, March 13, 2017

GHANA - The consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: a blessing for the Ghanaian nation

"I bring the Pope’s greetings, his Apostolic Blessing and his fervent wish that your nation continues to move forward in peace and stability, on a path of development that may become a model of unity and progress with respect for human rights and the environment whereby all its people can prosper and even the most vulnerable will not suffer marginalization or neglect", said His Eminence Giuseppe Cardinal Bertello at the Holy Spirit Cathedral, in the course of celebrations to re-consecrate Ghana to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Cardinal Bertello, President of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State and for the Governorate of the Vatican City, was sent by the Pope as his representative for the celebrations. 

He noted that it is very heartening to see the progress Ghana has made in these sixty years: the consolidation of its democratic institutions, the growth of diverse potentialities, the establishment of diplomatic relations with other nations, making it an important contributor for the preservation of peace in areas of conflict. 

"And all by remaining faithful in spite of great hardships - to its humane ideals. For this reason the Bishops of Ghana were inspired to consecrate their country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus", said Cardinal Bartello.

He added that "today gives us another reason to rejoice, for during the celebration of these First Lenten Vespers, Ghana will be re-consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today will be renewed what occurred sixty years ago, when, on March 3 rd , 1957, a few days short of the proclamation of independence on March 6, the country was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a consecration that was later repeated in the year 2007 on the Golden Jubilee of its birth as a nation".

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