Sunday, March 12, 2017

DR CONGO - Still obstacles regarding the implementation of the San Silvestro agreement; for the Bishops "one must be patient"

"It is not the task of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) to meddle in the internal affairs of political platforms", said His Exc. Mgr. Fridolin Ambongo, Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikoro and Vice President of CENCO, answering those who asked him if the Bishops considered intervening to mediate in the rift within the opposition coalition. 

After the death of the historical opponent Etienne Tshisekedi, the opposition coalition has named the son, Félix Tshisekedi, as its president, and Pierre Lumbi president of the Council of the Wise. 

But a fringe of the coalition elected Joseph Olenghankoy as president of the Council of the Wise.

The Bishops, who mediate between the majority and the opposition to implement the agreement of December 31, have expressed concern that recent developments are more dilatory maneuvers on behalf of politics to delay the implementation, if not to kill it.

Meanwhile, the Bishops have urged the people "to be patient" waiting for the resumption of talks for the implementation of the San Silvestro agreement, whose central point is the formation of a national unity government that will bring the Democratic Republic of Congo to the presidential elections later this year.

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