Wednesday, March 08, 2017

COLOMBIA - Mgr. Ochoa denounces: "Young people are becoming the protagonists of criminal acts"

Drug use, verified by the high percentage of local drug trafficking involving the younger generation, is just one of many realities that worries the Catholic Church of Cucuta: "What one lives here in the border area has become a Via Crucis. 

In Cucuta there is a lot of violence: murders, prostitution, and this is not good", said the Bishop of Cucuta, His Exc. Mgr. Victor Manuel Ochoa in an interview with Radio Caracol, sent to Fides. 

The saddest thing, he said, is that young people are becoming key protagonists in these criminal acts that occur every day in the city.

In order to combat this situation, the Bishop said, "we must act not only for safety, but with social actions to improve the quality of life of hundreds of families in Cucuta, who live in situations of exclusion and severe poverty: more than 3% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day, there is also the big problem of unemployment, drug addiction, drug trafficking". 

Unfortunately, concluded Mgr. Ochoa, the breaking up of families is one of the factors causing this social situation.

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