Friday, March 03, 2017

COLOMBIA - "EsTuDía": literacy campaign for the children of Antioquia

The National Ministry of Education has just launched the "EsTuDía" with the goal to seek, in the most remote places of Colombia, children and young people who do not go to school. 

The initiative is a remake of the program "At school we count on you", promoted by the Secretariat of Education of Medellín, which has allowed more than 1,400 children and adolescents to go to school. 

Through a door to door operation, since September of 2016, town hall officials have sought school age children in more than 12 municipalities of the city. 

According to the data of the Ministry, in Antioquia there are 474,036 officially registered students. 

However, are at least 44,000 children are without schooling. Great distances from educational centers, displacement due to conflict, the lack of initiative of parents and the involvement of children in agricultural life are among the causes of de-schooling. 

"Estudia" is also directed to the recovery of adults with no education with flexible programs.

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