Friday, March 10, 2017

Archbishop Chaput: Pope cannot change teaching on marriage

Philly’s Chaput on a post-Christian culture, ‘Amoris’, and morePhiladelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput has said that Pope Francis cannot contradict the teaching of St. John Paul II on marriage.

In an interview with John Allen of Crux, Archbishop Chaput said that he thought Pope Francis should answer the dubia submitted by four cardinals about the interpretation of Amoris Laetitia

 The archbishop—who has made it clear that in the Philadelphia archdiocese the traditional teaching of the Church will still be upheld, and Catholics who are divorced and remarried will not be admitted to Communion—said that the current Pope cannot contradict his predecessors “when it is a matter of official teaching.” 

He explained:
It seems to me that it’s impossible for us to contradict the words of Jesus, and it’s also impossible for a teaching to be true 20 years ago not to be true today when it’s the teachings of the Pope.
Archbishop Chaput said that Church leaders should help the faithful “through the confusion and disappointment I think some people are experiencing” because of discordant messages on the Church’s teaching.

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