Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Intercommunion in families okay: Kasper

Image result for cardinal walter kasperIn an interview with Italian TV, German Cardinal Walter Kasper says that inter-communion between Catholics and Protestants is possible for family members, Espresso reports.

In an interview broadcast on Italian state television station RAI2 on January 31, Cardinal Kasper said: "Today we are no longer enemies, we are friends, we are brothers and sisters. We have begun this ecumenical way and we have taken many steps in the meantime. We have good hope that one day we will even reach full communion. Even now we already have a great deal of communion among us."

Q: A communion at the Eucharistic table as well?

"Yes, shared communion in certain cases, I think so. If [two spouses, one Catholic and one Protestant] share the same Eucharistic faith - this is the presupposition - and if they are interiorly disposed, they can decide in their conscience to receive communion. And this is also the position, I think, of the current Pope, because there is a process of coming together; and a couple, a family, cannot be divided in front of the altar."

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