Thursday, February 23, 2017

INDIA : Mumbai, a statue of the Virgin Mary vandalized and decapitated

Image result for Mumbai flagA statue of Our Lady inside a grotto, along a road on the outskirts of Mumbai, has been vandalized. Police sources report that the incident was carried out by three vandals around 4am local time.
Speaking to AsiaNews, Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), expresses "great concern, on behalf of the Christian group, for vandalized the statue of the Virgin Mary in Mumbai. Glass placed to protect the statue was shattered and Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms, was decapitated. This grave act deeply wounds the religious sentiments of Christians and the spiritual feelings of all those who venerate the Mother. "
The grotto was located in Kurla district, in the suburbs of the capital of Maharashtra. The officers requested footage of CCTV cameras placed in the area, which recorded the moment when the statue was desecrated.

Paramjit Singh, deputy police commissioner of Zone V, reports that the authorities are doing everything possible to identify the culprits. 

Some agents have been deployed in the area, where initially there were tensions between communities. 

According to the official reports, calm has now returned.
Sajan K George complains that what happened "is really worrying. Mother Mary is venerated by all Indians, by all denominations, with great fervor and devotion. " 

He adds that "incidents like this generate suspicion among communities and disturb the lives of ordinary people."

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