Sunday, February 05, 2017

DR CONGO - A priest who opposed the militiamen of Kamuina Nsapu was kidnapped and then released

A Catholic priest who opposed the arrogance of the militia of the traditional late chief Kamuina Nsapu was first kidnapped and then released.

It took place on 31 January, in Kananga, capital of Central Kasai, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The priest, whose name was not revealed, works at the St. Alphonsus parish in Kananga.

The priest opposed the militants who wanted to prevent the pupils to attend classes at a school. 

According to a witness, cited by Radio Okapi, "the militants went from school to another, asking 'teachers to free the children'. A Catholic priest of St. Alphonsus parish who tried to make sure that the children remained in school, was arrested by militiamen who then released him near the river Nganza". 

The militiamen blocked all business activities and schools in the city.

Since September, the militiamen of Kamuina Nsapu, killed by the police in August, sow insecurity in the provinces of Kasai, attacking civilians and clashing with security forces. 

The clashes caused at least 140 victims.

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