Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Canterbury criticize Trump’s policies

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari (right) speaks to Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury.In a joint radio appearance, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster and the head of the Church of England criticized President Donald Trump’s policies, which they both characterized as rooted in fear.

“Policies that are based in fear rather than confidence and courage and Christian values of hospitality, of love, of grace, of embrace rather than exclusion, are policies that will lead to terrible results,” said Cardinal Nichols. “To identify a whole people, a whole nation or a whole religion as the enemy is a desperate road to go down.”

Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury said, “If I had the opportunity to engage with [Trump], and to debate with him, I would consider it a great privilege to try to persuade him to change his views. I would be glad to have the opportunity to seek to persuade him that what he’s doing, the way this is going, is out of fear.”

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