Friday, January 13, 2017

URGENT Appeal to help refugees sleeping outdoors in France

Since the break up of the 'Jungle' at Calais, many refugees in France have no where to shelter and are being forced to sleep out in the open - while temperatures have gone well below freezing.

The charity Care4Calais has two warehouses in Calais which are acting as hubs to get various types of donation to places where they are needed, not solely to areas close to Calais and Dunkirk. 

This week they have run out of sleeping bags.

Demand has been particularly high in Paris, where there are insufficient places in the official shelter and people queue outside all day and night to await entry. 

Police do not allow them to lie down and regularly take away their blankets and sleeping bags despite the extreme winter weather which has affected much of northern France for many days.

MSF's programme coordinator said on Sunday: "the forces of order confiscate the miigrants' covers or force them to stay standing in a waiting line for hours, in a ridiculous bid to remove this population in distress from public view. This denial of reality through the use of violence must stop."

Care4Calais appealed yesterday: "We have totally run out of sleeping bags in our warehouse having sent the last van full to Paris following the latest evictions. We urgently need more to supply those sleeping rough in and around Calais, in small camps in Northern France and to the ongoing situation in Paris. Temperatures here are forecast to drop to -4 degrees on Wednesday night and -5 on Thursday night."

We need you to:

- bring/send sleeping bags
- let us know any good deals to source them and get them over here quickly
- donate money for the above.

Please help - thank you so much.

To bring or send goods, please first email:

To donate money please see:

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