Friday, January 13, 2017

Catholic Church condemns defacing of historic Cape Town mosque

A pig snout placed on the door of the Nurul Islam Mosque. Abdus Salaam CaderThe Catholic Church of Southern Africa on Monday expressed “outrage and sadness at the defacement of the Simons Town mosque”.

The discovery of a pig’s snout and blood on the door of the historic Nurul Islam Mosque was made on Saturday morning.

“Such acts of intolerance‚ as well as hate speech which seems to be increasing in our country‚ further damage the fabric of our already polarised society‚” Archbishop of Cape Town Stephen Brislin.

“They contribute nothing to peace‚ stability or mutual understanding. This is a time in our country when we should be seeking and striving for the things that make for peace‚ unity and healing.”

He said the country “has a long history of religious tolerance’ and added that it was “regrettable that a few irresponsible‚ intolerant people wish to destroy that”.

“It is of utmost importance that they not be allowed to do so. I commend the leaders of the Muslim community in calling for calm and I trust that the police srvices will quickly bring the perpetrators to book.”

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