Saturday, December 10, 2016

Promote ‘ethic of responsibility’ to replace nuclear deterrence: Vatican envoy

Image result for Msgr. Antoine Camilleri“The logic of fear and mistrust that is epitomized by nuclear deterrence must be replaced with a new global ethic,” a Vatican representative said in an address to the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

Msgr. Antoine Camilleri, the undersecretary for Relations with States, said that the “Holy See believes it to be essential that the international community embrace an ethic of responsibility, in order to foster a climate of trust, and to strengthen cooperative security through multilateral dialogue.” 

He called for efforts to address “the wider security, political, economic and cultural dynamics that lead state and non-state actors to seek security, legitimacy, and power in nuclear weapons.”

Msgr. Camillieri cited the address by Pope Francis to the UN as the latest expression of the Vatican’s commitment to the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons. He said that nuclear security also requires support for non-proliferation efforts, and for the controlled development of peaceful uses of nuclear power.

The Vatican representative suggested particular consideration for two problems involving nuclear security: the protection of materials that could be used for nuclear weapons, and the prevention of cyber-attacks on nuclear facilities.

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