Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pope urges non-violence as lifestyle

 (foto: ANSA)Pope Francis on Thursday called for non-violence at all levels in an address to the new ambassadors to the Holy See of Sweden, Fiji, Moldova, Mauritius, Tunisia and Burundi during a hearing for the presentation of the letters of credentials at the Vatican's Clementine Hall.

"In a world like the current one, unfortunately torn by wars and many conflicts, as well as by widespread violence that manifests itself in different forms in ordinary coexistence, the choice of non-violence as a lifestyle is increasingly becoming a requirement of responsibility at all levels, from family education to social and civil engagement, to political activity and international relations", the pope said.

The pontiff went on to say that non-violence is a "typical example of a universal value" that finds its completion in the Gospel "but also belongs to other noble and ancient spiritual traditions". 

Violence must be rejected as a strategy to solve conflicts, which should instead be confronted "through dialogue and negotiations", he added.

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