Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tenants in LES Building Owned by Catholic Church Say They've Been Without Gas for More than a Month

gas outage 4Tenants at a Manhattan apartment building owned by the New York Archdiocese say they haven't had gas for over a month.

The residents held a meeting Friday night to discuss the problem.

They say their building at 131 Broome Street has been without gas for more than 38 days, and the Archdiocese has been unresponsive to their pleas for help.

Those we spoke with say they're particularly upset because the building underwent a major renovation a few years ago.

"They did not fix the repairs at all," said one. "They didn't even look at the gas pipes. So this is the result of their negligence."

"I feel that it's disgusting that it's taken 38 days to take care of this matter when it should have been done, you know when we had the $97 million renovation," said another.

"If we were not minorities, this would never go this long," said a third. "If it was the co-ops across the street, those fancy co-ops, they would have had gas already."

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