Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pope: the “enemy” teaches us "the ecumenism of blood"

Ecumenism is not only the work of theologians, however important it may be, but it is also the path of praying for each other, and working together for those in need. 

There is also the ecumenism of the blood that the “enemy" teaches us in which there are no Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants, but only Christians, said again Pope Francis before today’s general audience during a meeting with the secretaries of ‘Christian World Communions’, an international organisation of 19 Christian Churches and communions with regular meetings.
"So many times,” Francis told them, “we think that ecumenical work is only that of theologians. It is important for theologians to study, to agree and express disagreements. This is very important, but, in the meantime, ecumenism is done walking. I walk with Jesus, not with my Jesus against your Jesus, but with our Jesus. The journey is simple: it is done by praying and helping others. Praying together: the ecumenism of praying for one another and everyone for unity. It is also the ecumenism of working for so many in need, for many men and women who today suffer injustices, wars . . .  these terrible things. We must all help together. Charity towards one’s neighbour. That is ecumenism. That is already unity. Walking in unity with Jesus. "

"There is another ecumenism that we must recognise and which today is so topical: the ecumenism of blood. When terrorists or world powers persecute Christian minorities or Christians, when they do this, they do not ask: ‘Are you are a Lutheran? Are you an orthodox? Are you a Catholic? Are you a Reformed? Are you a Pentecostal?’ No. 'You are a Christian'. They recognise only one: Christian. The enemy makes no mistake; he knows to recognise where Jesus is. This is the ecumenism of blood. Today we are witnesses to this. My thoughts go to the Coptic Orthodox monks slaughtered on the beaches of Libya for example: they are our brothers. They bore witness to Jesus and died saying, 'Jesus, help me!'. With the name: they confessed the name of Jesus. Thus, the ecumenism of prayer, the ecumenism of walking; and the enemy teaches us the ecumenism of blood.”

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