Monday, October 03, 2016

Italian filmmaker pushed for new probe into disappearance of Vatican employee's child

Image result for Emanuela OrlandiAn Italian film director has said that his latest effort is a bid to prod Italian police to reopen their investigation into the case of Emanuela Orlandi, the teenage daughter of a Vatican employee, who disappeared in 1983.

Roberto Faenza's movie, The Truth Is in the Sky, explores the efforts by journalists to explain the girl's disappearance. 

The film's title is taken from a phrase used by Pope Francis when he met with the Orlandi family. 

Italian investigators have long suspected that Emanuela Orlandi was abducted by a Mafia gang, and speculation about her disappearance has included theories about a plot to assassinate Pope John Paul II, the possible entanglement of the Vatican bank, corruption within the Roman police force, and suspicions of a pedophile ring. 

But prosecutors have not produced solid evidence to support any of these theories, and earlier this year an Italian court affirmed a decision to suspend the investigation.

Pietro Orlandi, the brother of the missing girl, called upon the Vatican to release its own dossier on the case. 

Last year the chief Vatican prosecutor, Gian Piero Milano, said that his investigation into the "delicate and largely unresolved case" is still continuing.

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