Friday, October 14, 2016

Feminist protesters attack Argentinian cathedral

Rally ended in violenceA feminist rally demanding an end to gender violence in Argentina has ended with demonstrators hurling stones and bottles at a Catholic cathedral, prompting police to fire rubber bullets into the crowd, reports Crux.

Several marchers were arrested, while both police and journalists covering the event were injured.

The demonstration featured women with naked torsos demanding legal and free abortion, and the recognition of prostitution as a legitimate trade.

Thousands of women on Sunday closed an itinerant three-day workshop known as National Women’s Congress, this year held in Rosario, Argentina’s second largest city. 

Many of the participants marched topless, with anarchist symbols drawn over their bodies.

Similar slogans were sprayed along the 2.4km-long path of the rally, across window stalls, churches, the local tribunals, and historic buildings.

Several stores were vandalised, with women throwing stones through their windows and writing provocative slogans.

Although not all of the women who participated in the rally agreed with the violent turn it took at times, the number of those who did was significant enough to cause the uproar of many in Rosario, who turned to social media to complain about the aftermath.

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