Monday, October 17, 2016

'DIE PRO LIFE F**K' message posted through letterbox of Cork pro-life supporter

The Irish Catholic was sent through his door in protestA Cork pro-life supporter has claimed a copy of The Irish Catholic was posted through his letterbox with the words "DIE PRO LIFE F**K" written across it to intimidate him.

John O’Donovan said the incident occurred at 3am on Sunday morning after he was awoken by someone thumping on his door.

When he came downstairs, he noticed a copy of The Irish Catholic with “DIE PRO LIFE F**K” written on the front page.

“This is intimidation, just because I’m a known pro-life activist in this town,” he told Cork’s RedFM.

“Are we, the pro-lifers, supposed to walk around with our heads down, cover ourselves and hide away and leave it to the pro-choice people, well that is never going to happen.

“This isn’t going to intimidate me, it’s going to make me ten times worse,” he said.

He immediately reported the incident to local gardaí as he feared for his safety.

“I needed this logged because it is a serious incident and you can’t have someone hammering on doors and giving out threats.

“Any protest I’ve been involved in, at no stage have I trespassed on someone’s property and berated them.”

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