Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Catholic Church's social work wing to recruit transgenders

Image result for caritas indiaIn a move that marks opening up of the Catholic Church in to the third gender, its social work wing Caritas has decided to recruit transgenders and work for their uplift as well.
The development comes three years after Pope Francis remarked "who am I to judge" gays, thus calling for the church to be more tolerant in its practice towards LGBTQS.

It is considered significant as according to Catholic belief homosexual behaviour is considered sinful.

At an internal deliberation, the Executive Director of Caritas India, Frederick D'Souza, said, "Caritas is open to working with transgenders, preferably if they are staying in clusters, as it may be difficult to work with only individuals. I am even open to recruiting them."

An official statement of the organisation called it a "beginning of a new school of thought".

D'Souza clarified that by transgenders he means "biological transgenders" and not those who undergo gender change.

"We don't want to confuse the two. We have an opinion on those who undergo sex change, we are not in favour of that. We believe that the natural gender one is born with is what he/she is supposed to cherish and contribute to creation."

"But people who are suffering for no fault of their own because of sexual confusion in their body require our attention and support."

He said that by opening itself to the third gender, Caritas hopes to eradicate "traditional biases against them".

"Our decision will definitely have implications on other institutions. Others will also begin to reflect on this," he said.

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