Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Right-wing Family Research Council launches tour to mobilise Christians in US election

Image result for Family Research Council (FRC)The President of the right-wing Family Research Council (FRC), Tony Perkins, has announced a nationwide tour to encourage Christians to vote in the presidential election in November.

The Values Bus Tour will focus on turning out the Christian vote in key battleground states, a factor which resulted in President Obama securing a second term in 2012, according to Charisma News. 

Obama and the then Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney were separated by less than 350,000 in the four key battleground states that could have swung the election.

The goal of the tour is to mobilise "values voters" in an effort to "preserve the bedrock values of religious freedom, sanctity of life, natural marriage and limited government that make our nation strong."

The FRC statement said: "Family Research Council Action is hosting a coast-to-coast 'Values Bus' tour in over 20 states encouraging pro-family voters to vote their values when casting their ballot on November 8. The bus tour will also make stops in every county in North Carolina.

"Whether federal, state or local, there are a great many races across the nation this year and the outcomes will have a tremendous impact on the future of faith, family and freedom in America. The theme of the bus tour is "Your Values, Your Vote, Your Future."

Concerned Women For America is co-sponsoring the tour, which comes after Donald Trump was well received last week by a Values Voters Summit hosted by Perkins.

Meanwhile, leading evangelical Robert Jeffress, host of radio show Pathway to Victory and pastor of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, issued a strongly worded attack on Clinton during a debate on Fox News. 

"I am getting sick and tired of these namby pamby panty-waisted weak-kneed Christians who say they're gonna stay home in November out of moral principle," Jeffress said. "Will you please tell me what great moral principle there is in the universe that will allow a prohibition, anti-religious liberty candidate like Hillary Clinton to become the president? I believe any conservative Christian who refuses to vote or throws away his vote in November is nothing but a hypocrite and a fool."

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